Yongshun International PVC Hose Center is a Hong Kong-funded enterprise which concentrates on manufacture and trade between mainland and Hong Kong. It has already been authorized as the general agency of Malaysian Industrial Hose in the mainland and Hong Kong: producing and specializing accessories such as industrial hose imports, joints, and so on. In our days, science and technology becomes more and more advanced, and people have high demands on the quality of all kind things. So in the production process, using high-quality raw materials, advanced Machinery & Equipment with professional technical personnel, we manufacture high-quality products that can comparable to similar products of Germany, Japan, Italy with all people’s hard work. In the decline of world economic, all business are concentrated on broadening sources of income and reducing expenditure, therefore, we will offer the most reasonable price and perfect service to satisfy all customers under the premise of high-quality products. In the future road, we have confidence in providing more perfect high-quality products with our continuous effort.       
   永順國際膠喉總匯 是一家集中港兩地貿易及生產為一體的港資企業,現已取得中港兩地馬來西亞KLAS PLASTIC工業膠管總代理: 專營和生產用於(工業、建築、化工、農業、造船)進口工業膠管、接頭等配件。

   在科技日趨先進的今天,人們對各類產品的質量要求越來越高,因此,我們在生產過程中采用優質的原料,先進的生產設備,不斷增強技術人員的專業知識,提高全廠職工的自身素質修養,發揚吃苦耐勞的奮鬥精神,齊心合力,生產出來的產品質量完全可以同德國、日本、意大利的同類產品相媲美。 現在面對經濟衰,各行各業都計劃著開源節流,因此,我們在保證產品質量的前提下,將以最合理的價格和最優費的服務來滿足廣大客戶。在將來的商業路途上,我們充滿信心,在吸取經驗的同時不斷 地充實自己,完善自己,生產出更多,更好的優質產品。

永順國際貿易公司 Vincent International Trading Co.

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