How was your weekend running?

作者:Jessie 發表日期:2018-10-03 09:21:15

How was your weekend running?

Going long in that weather was not a lot of fun. As always, leave your warming comments, cups of tea and hot water bottles below the line. Oh, and your weekend running tales, of course ...

Goodness, but my long run felt pretty epic yesterday. Or at the very least, epicly wet and cold. Rain, sleet, more rain, more sleet, icy puddles, freezing wind. About the only plus side I can find to say about the conditions is that, well, at least I wasn』t doing the Spine Race ... I did spend the rest of the day trying to warm up though - there’s something about that damp cold that gets in your bones and takes more than hot baths, endless cuppas and multiple layers to shift.

And talking of multiple layers, I then dressed for this morning’s recovery run commute as if it were still freezing, sleeting and miserable. After about two miles at a sedate pace I was absolutely boiling. I can』t help feeling the weather gods are taking the mickey a bit ...

So who was out racing in those miserable conditions yesterday? My kids weren』t even prepared to contemplate junior parkrun in the sleet - not that I can blame them - and the thought of trying to run fast through that murk ... eugh. Hats off to you if you did it. As always, share your weekend triumphs and woes below the line - and you Aussies please share your sunshine too. Fair’s fair.